Corporate Overview

Hunan 明升88 Information Technology Co., LTD (short) creates, develops and markets intelligent drones. With 30 million RMB registered capital,  is headquartered at Changsha, a city known as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. Benefiting from its unique resources,  aims to be the global pioneer of intelligent drones. At present its focus is on developing intelligent control and navigation, machine vision application, and communication system and networking in the drone field. initiates employing Beidou navigation system and ultralight laser night vision devices on drones. Its products at present cover intelligent drones and relative systems like ground control system, image transmission system, and visual positioning and navigation system. Based on the talents and technology oriented guidelines, will provide easily controlled and user friendly intelligent drones for common users, enterprises and military supplies.

Just as its name implies, takes the team, customers and products as the key to share the fruits of creative technology. With relentless innovation and visionary imagination, 明升88 will continuously elevate flying experience, and optimize shooting functions.

Corporate Culture

High Quality•Creative Technology•Better Future
Key: Team, Customers& Products
Share: Share innovative products with customers, and corporate values with the team.

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