Advanced Six Selfie modes, Elevated Shooting Experience
KIMON makes a revolutionary reform in its performance. Its six selfie modes can meet your different shooting needs. Whichever mode you select, it can always capture impressive moments for you.

360-degree Circling Selfie
Circling around you and shooting from every angle, it will definitely capture a photo that you desire.

Panoramic Selfie
There are always some particular situations that we want to record every detail. This panoramic selfie mode will make it, shooting photos while recording the whole background.

Follow-me Selfie
Applying GPS tracking system, it will automatically follow you anywhere while keeping a safe distance. Just freely enjoy shooting.

45-degree Beauty Selfie
45-degree angle is widely recognized as the perfect angle for taking charming selfies. KIMON will automatically adjust the camera to this angle and capture the best moment for you.

Simple Selfie
KIMON is specifically designed for taking selfies. It makes taking selfies much easier and simpler than ever.

Indoor Selfie
Supporting low-altitude flying, safely enjoy indoor shooting with more freedom.

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